Duterte: Americans are 'loud, rowdy, and not adjusted to civility'

President Duterte in Beijing, China said that Americans are 'loud, rowdy, and not adjusted to civility.' Or in Filipino: Ang mga Kano ay Maingay, Magulo at Hindi Sibilisado.

Speaking before government and business leaders at the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum held at the Great Hall of the People with Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Duterte began his keynote speech with a fresh tirade against the United States.

“Most Asians are characterized as shy. But the Americans are a little bit loud, sometimes rowdy, and they have this volume of their voice in their larynx not quite adjusted to civility,” Duterte said.

Duterte poked fun at the way Americans talked by nearly shouting, while portraying Asians as speaking in a much softer tone.

"The one thing that really matter is that we are the shy race, tribe and they are the more forward, commanding voice insisting obedience," he said.

"I have come to the conclusion that we Orientals are very courteous race. The problem is when you talk to the westerners, Americans and all, they are very discourteous people," he added as the audience clapped.

Later in his speech, Duterte announced that he is breaking military and economic ties with the United States.

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