Kris Aquino and Bimby Meets James Yap, Michela Cazzola and Baby MJ

Bimby Yap finally met his half-brother Michael James or Baby MJ, from their father James Yap. Kris Aquino said she reached out to James Yap.

"I reached out to James & asked if it would be okay for Bimb to meet his baby brother. I prayed a lot for this day to arrive when we'd all be ready, because I just want what is best for my bunso. Thank you James & Mic for graciously welcoming us into your home. Mic went out of her way to prepare carbonara for Bimb & to bake an Italian chocolate pie for our merienda."

Kris Aquino thanked James Yap's partner, Michela Cazzola, mother of Baby MJ for the turn of events:

"There's no perfect formula for mothering except to do it with LOVE. I am grateful that today we gave our sons the opportunity to meet & hopefully have genuine bonding as brothers... Because in the end, the good men we are able to raise will be products of our guidance & unconditional love as mothers."

For her part, Michela Cazzola posted:

She said: "My baby boy met his brother today." She also thanked Kris Aquino for her gift:

Beautiful #orchids 🍃, such a tasteful arrangement. Thank you,@kriscaquino

James Yap for his part, thanked Bimby for the gifts he brought to his little brother.

Thank you bimb for bringing gifts for your baby brother. I love you both. 

Baby MJ celebrated his 2nd month birthday two weeks ago.

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