Sandro Marcos gets flak for alleged Wrong Grammar

Sandro Marcos was scored on social media for an alleged Wrong Grammar in a tweet. Sandro Marcos was called out particularly in the phrase: "actually makes sense in the long term, at least for now" and it has now been the subject of memes and jokes. Netizens particularly the youth, are of the belief that "long term" and "at least for now" should not be used in a phrase or sentence at the same time as it is a contradiction. But most of the critics are also die-hard fans of Leni Robredo and the Aquino administration.
Sandro Marcos is a son of former senator Bongbong Marcos and graduated with honors in BS International Politics in City University of London and is currently taking his Masters at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Sandro Marcos tweeted about President Duterte's pivot to China and how he agrees with it:
From a global political economy standpoint, Duterte shying away from the US actually makes sense in the long term, at least for now
He subsequently expounded on the said point:
It's a well known fact you can't develop a domestic economy that's under the mercy of policy reforms from financial institutions
Although not sure how it makes sense on the military side #mixedbag

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