P20M worth of Anti-Duterte Ads to be aired by ABS-CBN on Friday

Philippine Star columnist and blogger Ms. Cecile Zamora-Van Straten, of chuvaness.com, tweeted that based on inside information, 20 million pesos worth of Anti-Duterte ads will be aired all night Friday on ABS-CBN and that another station rejected such offer.

"Inside info: P20M worth of anti-Duterte spots to be aired for one night only by ABS-CBN on Friday. It was rejected by other station."

Chuvaness said she's revealing this not because she is for Duterte but because she does not like the cheating and mudslinging:

"Sorry, I don't think Duterte is the most presidentiable, but I really hate cheating and siraan that is not matuwid".

But she later tweeted this: "It was Trillanes who finally convinced me to support Duterte."

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