Kim Chiu Anorexic Beauty

For once, i agree with Pete Ampoloquio's commentary about Kim Chiu but only on the skinny part. Kim Chiu still looks good, although if you take a look at the photo below, and takes a closer look at her arms and shoulder, Kim Chiu looks like an anorexic beauty. She should gain a little more weight. It's not like that when she was in the PBB Teen Edition house. Pete-Tik this time is in a really constructive criticism mode which could help Kim Chiu in the long run beauty-wise and most importantly, health-wise. In the commentary he said that Kim Chiu looks very thin like a person afflicted with tuberculosis and compared to more voluptous actresses Shaina Magdayao and Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu looks very frail and sickly. He also wonders why, to think that Kim Chiu is one of the highest paid young actresses today, if not THE highest paid young actress what with a hit primetime show and concerts, that she can eat whatever she wants to eat and buy whatever she wants to buy. And Kim Chiu does not seem to have a personal problem and not certainly when she is on top in Philippine Showbiz and to have a problem with that. Anyway, here's what Pete had to say:

Kim Chiu


What’s happening with Kim Chiu these days?

Sa totoo, parang afflicted na siya with pulmonary tuberculosis dahil sa kanyang anorexic look these days.

I don’t know what she’s going through or what she’s up to, but there is something very wrong with her health of late.

Dati naman, napakaganda ng katawan niya nu’ng time na nasa loob pa siya ng bahay ni Kuya. Pero nito ngang lumabas na siya, bigla na lang siyang nangayayat gauung wala naman dapat siyang problema.

Sa ASAP tuwing Linggo, halatang-halata ang kanyang kapayatan lalo na’t tumatabi siya sa bilugang si Shaina Magdayao o kay Maja Salvador kaya.

In all honesty, ‘di na kagandahan ang kanyang itzu, she looks very frail and sick to me, something should be done about it.

‘Di ba dapat ay nagkalaman na siya dahil bongga na ang kanyang earning capacity and she now can afford to buy everything she hankers for?

E, bakit para na siyang kalansay? Dati naman medyo bilugan at shapely ang kanyang katawan.

Baka naman she’s taking something na hindi hiyang sa kanya.

Hahaha! Period walang comma!

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