Julia Clarete Leaves Eat Bulaga

Julia Clarete left Eat Bulaga for a life abroad. Julia Clarete has been hosting Eat Bulaga since 2005. Julia Clarete said she has decided to migrate to Malaysia, particularly in Kuala Lumpur. 

Julia Clarete promises though that she will return. She posted:

"Never think that this is the end." -Julia Clarete

In his Twitter account, Eat Bulaga veteran host Joey De Leon posted a photo of the new face of Eat Bulaga. The so-called 'EB Dabarkads' with the tell-tale absence of Julia Clarete in the official photo (below). Julia Clarete reportedly left Eat Bulaga shortly before Christmas 2015. Julia Clarete is also rumored to be the third party in the breakup of the marriage of Ciara Sotto and Jojo Oconer. Julia Clarete was a part of the wedding entourage of Ciara and Jojo. 

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