Alden Richards Nakabuntis?

After being rumored to be gay, rumors are now wildly spreading on social media that allegedly Alden Richards impregnated a girl. Alden Richards Nakabuntis?

The alleged wealthy non-showbiz girlfriend of Alden named "Hannah" or "Queen" to Alden is said to be two months pregnant now and is due on September (lol, 11 months?!).The girlfriend is allegedly from the Ayala-Yulo clan.

The girlfriend is allegedly now living with Alden Richards in his Nuvali house and also the reason why allegedly no press has been invited to Alden's new house since.

Maine Mendoza also allegedly knew of the girlfriend and is actually friends with her.

A certain Abby Catalan Barrameda posted all these info on Facebook.

She also said that Maine Mendoza already has her own respective partner in real life.

And she has another explosive reveal, she alleges that Alden's 4th sibling is her half-sister only, the child of his mother from a different father.

Read the screenshot of the post below:

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