Valeen Montenegro or Julia Clarete cause of Ciara Sotto Marriage Breakup?

Ciara Sotto announced on social media the breakup of her marriage with Jojo Oconer. She posted:

"These past weeks have been very difficult for me and my son. It's true that I moved out of our home and decided to go back to my parents' house for now. The truth is painful, but it is what it is. I know that the Lord will strengthen me after this. I prefer to keep my privacy at this time & I would appreciate the public respecting this. Thank you to those who are sending me messages of support and encouragement."

Speculations then ensued that GMA-7 young actress Valeen Montenegro is the third party. Valeen Montenegro is a part of Princess in the Palace and Sunday PinaSaya and is being paired with Jerald Napoles.

Valeen though recently guested on Eat Bulaga, where Ciara's father and uncle, Sen. Tito Sotto and Vic Sotto respectively, lords it over, and she was also part of Vic Sotto's My Bebe Luv, so many and are also speculating that she may have nothing to do with the separation. Jojo Oconer though is an executive of APT Entertainment, a company owned by TAPE, Inc., producer of Eat Bulaga, Princess in the Palace and Sunday PinaSaya.

Speculations then ensued that maybe Julia Clarete has something to do with the separation. The sudden departure of Julia Clarete on Eat Bulaga they speculated, could have been the reason why she left in a huff. Julia Clarete was a part of the wedding entourage of the wedding of Ciara Sotto and Jojo Oconer. Could she be the "painful truth" that Ciara referred to?

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