FHM Philippines accused of irregularity

Angel Locsin
FHM Philippines is accused of irregularity in the conduct of its annual poll of the 100 Sexiest Women in the Philippines. Particularly riled are fans of Angel Locsin who accuses FHM Philippines of manipulating the voting to favor Marian Rivera who is yet to grace the cover/story spread of the men's magazine. Also, the disgruntled Angel Locsin fans are pointing out that it was announced already that Marian Rivera is to have a sexy shoot for the magazine in Australia even before the voting has ended, further fueling talk that it was rigged from the beginning.

Marian Rivera

On the other hand, FHM Digital Publisher Denis Achilles del Callar, denies the accusations that they manipulated/tampered with the results. Denis said that any result previously released online through its newsletter, specifically states that those are only partial and incomplete results, because text votes do not come into their database automatically, and they have to be tabulated and added to the database. Denis also said that they have not yet published the number of votes either on-line, through text or through the magazine.

The latest partial and incomplete results put Marian Rivera on top while Angel Locsin is only at no.4. Angel Locsin topped the previous partial and incomplete results with more than 7000 points. Fans are saying the newest results has been rigged as the release has been delayed, they even went as far as saying, 'siguro kaya na-delay, kasi nagkatawaran pa sila."

But an info we have gathered is that, the voting is fair, what is fair or unfair, depending on who's camp are you for, is that GMA is distributing e-load-cards worth 300 pesos to their employees to vote for Marian Rivera.

Voting has already ended and the winners/list of the Sexiest Women of 2008 will be announced this June and is to be featured in the July issue of FHM Philippines.

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