Andi Manzano Underarms

Andi Manzano, video jock of MTV Philippines and radio jock in the afternoon on Magic 89.9 WTM, has always been viewed as a sexy symbol.Andi Manzano is a niece or cousin of OMB Chair and actor/TV host Edu Manzano and of course his son, Luis Manzano.

Andi Manzano

Andi Manzano or popularly known as Andi9 in the defunct(?) Good Times with Mo morning radio show, won a nationwide and arduous search for the next MTV Philippines VJ together with Kat Alano and Sib.. unfortunately, their respective careers are going nowhere or nothing spectacularly is happening. To spark up her career, Andi Manzano should think about posing in a men's magazine soon or be left out as a has been early on..

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