American Idol 2008 David Cook, ewww

In American Politics, Americans, at least in the Democratic side, choose Obama over Clinton, and majority choose "blinded" by hope and great expectations over reality. America did it again when they choose David Cook over David Archuleta despite the very obvious difference of their performances. David Cook simply tanked in last Tuesday's final duel while David Archuleta shone with pop vocal mastery but the general public voted past through that by still voting for David Cook who didn't look and sounded like a winner at all in those performances. I just heard that the vote difference is 12 million in favor of Cook.

Be that as it may, the real test of American Idol supremacy is when the winners or the top 2 release their albums. I am predicting major success for both but this time for David Archuleta to reign supreme. David Cook simply is not a stand out in the rock department, he seemed ordinary compared to Chris Daughtry or even to Bo Bice. America does not always get it right, look what happened to Taylor Hicks...

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