David Archuleta knocks out David Cook

In the American Idol season 7 finale, David Archuleta made a convincing bid for the title knocking the socks out of David Cook, who seemed cocky on stage and lost steam after making an impressive initial run with U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I understand Cook's attitude but he simply looked and sounded like an amateur on the Big Night. I wonder if Syesha Mercado would have pulled a surprise if she went through instead because she reinvents herself more often. Cook was simply a rockstar wannabe on the Big Night but paling in comparison with the seasoned rockers. He shot back saying why do something he already did to make excuses and blame others for his own fault.

I am actually is not a David Archuleta fan but i am not deaf!! last night was David Archuleta's night.

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