Kris Aquino: "Super nagamit ako because he wants to be vice-governor of Nueva Ecija”

Kris Aquino denied that she has a romantic relationship with Renan Morales. Kris Aquino also thinks that she was only used to advance San Antonio, Nueva Ecija Councilor Renan Morales' plan to run as Vice Governor of Nueva Ecija. Kris added, "Okay, super nagamit ako because the son wants to be vice-governor of Nueva Ecija.”

Kris Aquino

Kris frankly said, “Super use-me-in-a-sentence talaga ang nangyari.” "Walang truth whatsoever that were dating."“I am not dating anybody.”

"That's why I changed my number. Kasi, sabi ko, ayaw ko nang makausap. Kasi na-turn off talaga ako."

"Kaya ka nag-change ng number?"

"Yes, na-yuck talaga ako. Talagang, oh my god, first and last!"

Renan's  mother produced Kris Aquino's comeback TV appearance, but Kris Aquino minced no words in lambasting the producer.

She revealed that the producer made it appear that they are 'big-time' but payments to her were delayed.

Kris said: "I swear, super na-delay ang bayad, isa yun. “Ang press release nila, big time na big time sila."

But in her Instagram page yesterday, Kris Aquino thanked her producer saying: Our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Rhodora Morales for having the faith & the budget to produce #TripNiKris!

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