Kat de Castro at Daniel Matsunaga may Something?

Department of Tourism undersecretary Kat de Castro and Daniel Matsunaga are rumored to have a relationship. Netizens were assuming that maybe there is "something" with the closeness of Kat De Castro and Daniel Matsunaga again after his breakup with Erich Gonzales. Netizens even made a malicious meme and tagged the two as the new "KatNiel."

Kat de Castro and Daniel Matsunaga are actually bestfriends, and Kat de Castro even consoled Daniel and his family, about Daniel's breakup with Erich Gonzales. Kat posted a photo of Daniel with his family and said:

As long as you have your family behind you @dandanmatsunaga, that's all that matters. We had a nice time with these wonderful people tonight.

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