Dolly Anne explains column about Cesar and Diego

Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal talked about her latest column post which aired the side of Cesar Montano in his feud with his son Diego Loyzaga.

Dolly Anne said:

 Thanks to BFF Buboy @cesar_montano for sharing his side of the story ( but I kept my promise to Buboy not to write the off-the-record parts). Although this is not really an interview but a talk between best friends. He has not granted any interview about the issue The 'Dad' in him does not want to aggravate matters by going head to head with Diego . As soon as the controversy broke out, Buboy called me up and I cheered him on . Even if Diego is going ballistic, his Dad just wants to protect him. If only I could divulge the inside info I know but I am not at liberty to do so. The truth will come out in due time It's sad how people who don't know the story behind the story pass judgment on Buboy. He is no saint but he is not the evil guy that Diego is making him seem to be. If Diego refuses to see the good things his Dad has done for him, the least he could do is acknowledge them. Any son in his right mind would have a man-to-man talk with his Dad rather than vent on social media. As I wrote in my column, hopefully when Diego becomes a father someday, he will understand where Buboy is coming from. I really hope that the next time Buboy and Diego argue, it will be about who loves the other more 😍

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