Celebrities Condemn the Anti Duterte Ads

Celebrities condemned in the strongest possible languange the Anti Duterte Ads that aired first on radio and then on ABS-CBN, followed suit by GMA. This blog learned that the toxic anti-Duterte political ads have been made available to TV networks since the last week of April but the TV networks reviewed the Anti-Duterte ads first.

Reportedly, at first, GMA did not approve its airing but later on allowed it with cuts, by not using the kids in the anti Duterte ad. On ABS-CBN, it was alleged to have been disapproved during the second screening but somebody managed to have the committee overturn its earlier decision, and so the ethics committee of ABS-CBN still proceeded to approve and air the entire ad with the kids.

After it's airing today on ABS-CBN and GMA primetime block, it created a firestorm on social media, making the hashtag DUTERTE TILL THE END become the top trending topic on Twitter,

Ordinary netizens and celebrities alike also expressed their anger and comdemnation on Facebook with the ad/s with either the use of kids in a hate campaign ad and or the below the belt black propaganda against Presidential front-runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Iconic band, Eraserheads:

Respected musician Gerard Salonga (brother of Lea Salonga)
Empress Schuck
Rafael Rosell
Karen Davila (deleted her tweet after, but not before this screenshot)

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