Anti Duterte Ads Start Airing on ABS-CBN and GMA

The truth about that photo of Mayor Duterte above is that he is flashing a middle finger to a big-time rice smuggler.
Watch one of the controversial political ads by Trillanes below: (Update: Even radio ads have started sprouting, and I guess all tri-media soon).
Anti Duterte Ads started airing on ABS-CBN and GMA today Thursday, a day earlier than the rumored start of Friday, and this looks like it will air well into the last day of campaigning on Saturday, so a bigger budget than the alleged 20 million for a day, may have been added to the budget.

The political ad is portrayed as paid for by Sen. Trillanes but we know better than that don't we?! LOL.

Despite having a raucous election tradition, never before has the Philippines seen such negative campaigning as this, and to the extent of using kids in the process, and the tormentor is not even running for the same position.

It has been alleged also that other TV networks refused to air the Anti Duterte ad/s except ABS-CBN. (Update: GMA has also started airing this and another Anti-Duterte ad about his alleged wealth).

If you want to complain about the Anti-Duterte ads by Trillanes, go to and @COMELEC

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