Jericho Rosales and Briana Evigan | I Love You Virus

Jericho Rosales and Briana Evigan
As you all know, Jericho Rosales and Hollywood up and coming star Briana Evigan is starring in the movie, I Love You Virus, story revolves around that computer malware that gripped the world in the 90's spread by a Filipino. And Jericho Rosales ex-girlfriend, Heart Evangelista even suspected an affair between the two. But the question now is what happened to that movie? When will it be shown? Someone sent me this pic on the set of the movie, apparently the movie was mostly shot in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Jericho Rosales has been tapped to play Anne Curtis leading man in the Viva Films official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Baler. This is probably the reason why Anne Curtis and rumored boyfriend Sam Milby had a "lovers quarrel" in a public event recently. You see, Sam Milby was very vocal in the past that he wants to star in a film like this na mala-indie film.

This will be Jericho Rosales purely Filipino project of late after that Hollywood film with Briana Evigan and an upcoming TV Series with Malaysian actress Carmen Soo.

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