David Chua and Regine Angeles of My Girl

David Chua and Regine Angeles are Jeffrey and Sheila in My Girl. David Chua is actually a looker! and could even give Gerald Anderson a run for his own money. In fact, some of my teenage cousins are head over heels over him. It's a pity he is being relegated to supporting roles. David Chua is Filipino Chinese and is 19 years old and a UST Fine Arts student before starring in My Girl.

David Chua, Regine Angeles
David Chua, Regine Angeles

Anyway, the pair of David Chua and Regine Angeles or Jeffrey and Sheila is a scene staeler in My Girl and their talents have really shone in the show. They also look good together on or off cam. Just check out these photos. Unfortunately, the cast had a final taping day last week for their hit television series “My Girl.” But don't fret or be sad about it. ABS-CBN has lined up a new series for most of the same cast of My Girl like Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Enchong Dee, Regine Angeles, David Chua and Nina Jose. The new show will be shown every Sunday before The Buzz. The show is yet untitled.

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