Borgy Manotoc: the next Mayor of Manila!


Borgy Manotoc is said to be eyeing a political post. Borgy comes from Tondo. His dad (sportsman Tommy Manotoc) hails from Gagalangin, Tondo, Borgy’s grandparents are from Tondo. His lineage and roots are all native residents of Manila,” Ilocos Norte Rep. Imee Marcos, Borgy's mother, said.

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos—who was reportedly planning to run for mayor of the Philippine capital—has decided to give way to her 23-year-old grandson. With Borgy, it’s like having Imelda Marcos run as mayor of Manila,” Imee said.

“I think politics has been part of the plan for my family, my mom included. So I can’t say I’m not gonna do it. But in the next five years, definitely not. Maybe in 10 years. But I don’t really think about it just yet. Not a conscious direction that I’m going,” Borgy said In a June 2004 Inquirer interview.

If he decides to run, Borgy would be the youngest mayoralty candidate in Manila’s history.

Toni Gonzaga's We Belong: Another Rip-Off?

The tune of the chorus was copied from Utada Hikaru's First Love. After Dice & K9's ITSUMO and Orange & Lemons' PINOY AKO, Filipino songwriters should have learn something. Be original.

Toni Gonzaga's "We Belong" music video, with Piolo Pascual.

In case you wanna listen to the original Utada Hikaru's music video for First Love.


2006 Highest-Grossing Local Films

…AS OF OCTOBER 19, 2006.
numbers in parentheses reflect rankings if foreign movies are

*Applicable only to films released January 1, 2006 onwards

1 (2) Sukob [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P79,160,000
Total Gross: P186,410,000

2 (6) Don't Give Up On Us [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P57,330,000
Total Gross: P129,060,000

3 (8) You Are The One [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P56,820,000
Total Gross: P113,730,000

4 (9) I Will Always Love You [REGAL and GMA]
First Week Gross: P69,580,000
Total Gross: P110,190,000

5 (10) Close To You [ABS-CBN/STAR and UNILEVER]
First Week Gross: P47,120,000
Total Gross: P107,910,000

6 (13) All About Love [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P49,610,000
Total Gross: P71,520,000

7 (14) D' Lucky Ones [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross:P34,920, 000
Total Gross: P70,180,000

8 (15) Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso (Not Once, But Twice) [IMUS]
First Week Gross: P40,820,000
Total Gross: P69,110,000

9 (16) First Day High [ABS-CBN/STAR and UNILEVER]
First Week Gross: P43,130,000
Total Gross: P66,140,000 (FINAL GROSS???)

10 (17) Moments of Love [GMA]
First Week Gross: P34,610,000
Total Gross: P65,620,000

11 (18) Manay Po [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P35,680,000
Total Gross: P60,350,000

12 (19) Till I Met You [VIVA and GMA]
First Week Gross: P47,870,000
Total Gross: P47,870,000 (STILL SHOWING)

13 (20) Pamahiin [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P30,790,000
Total Gross: P47,110,000

14 (22) White Lady [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P30,860,000
Total Gross: P42,780,000

15 (27) Eternity [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P22,820,000
Total Gross: P33,150,000

16 (28) I Wanna Be Happy [SEIKO]
First Week Gross: P20,560,000
Total Gross: P32,340,000

17 (29) Oh My Ghost! [OCTOARTS]
First Week Gross: P27,020,000
Total Gross: P32,210,000

18 (35) Blue Moon [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P10,230,000
Total Gross: P24,770,000

19 (46) Pacquiao The Movie [ABS-CBN/STAR and FLT]
First Week Gross: P14,060,000
Total Gross: P17,820,000

WWE Smackdown Mania in Manila

World Wrestling Entertainment's WWE Smackdown Survivor Series Tour were held in the Philippines Oct.21-22, 2006 at the Araneta Coliseum.

It was "the happening" event and people from all walks of life came in throngs. Dave "The Animal" Batista who is of Philippine descent was awarded with a star ala Walk of Fame.

Batista Mania


Angelo Patrimonio, Like father, like son

Angelo Patrimonio, the eldest son of four-time PBA MVP Alvin Patrimonio, is now a contract star of ABS-CBN's Star Magic, together with newcomers AJ Perez and Victor Basa. He performs regularly at ASAP Full Circle and Star Magic Presents.

The 17-year-old young man, doesn't hide the fact that he easily became well-known because of his illustrious father. He stands 6 ft. tall. His dad is 3 inch taller.

He's now a junior high school student at San Beda College High School in Taytay, Rizal where he is a member of the Team B in basketball.

Angelo’s introduction to showbiz was tainted with a bit of controversy, though, as in one of his interviews, he reportedly let loose a mouthful against Kris Aquino, who used to be linked romantically to his dad before his marriage to Angelo's mom, Cindy Conwi.

He auditioned but didn’t make it to those chosen for PBB Teen Edition but Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) saw him and signed him up with Star Magic for a one year contract.

He trained for three years in tennis with his two siblings, when he decided to try showbiz. Two of his siblings are still in Valencia, Spain training.

Alvin Patrimonio delved into acting before also, starring with team-mate Jerry Codinera in the Metro Manila Film Festival topgrosser "Last Two Minutes" with another cager turned comedian, Benjie Paras doing a cameo.


Robby Taroza, Philippine Representative to Mr.Gay International!

Ang dating matinee idol na si Robby Taroza is the Philippine representative sa Mr.Gay International 2006, in Palm Springs, USA on October 28, 2006. He will be competing with several international Delegates.

O, ayan, imagine ang mga dating pa mhin e naglaladlad na. Karamihan mga taga That's Entertainment dati, ano ba yan! Kaya pag may artistang lalamya lamya, asahan mo nang baklesh pala! Ayaw lang umamin. Look at Joed Serrano, na boyfriend ni Robby, si Robby, si Ricky Rivero, si Jovit Moya, si Ricky Belmonte, dyos ko, mga lalaking lalake mga dating nyan at image dati, pero berde pala ang dugo! kwidaw kayo sa mga bagong henerasyon ngayon!hahaaha

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