2006 Highest-Grossing Local Films

…AS OF OCTOBER 19, 2006.
numbers in parentheses reflect rankings if foreign movies are

*Applicable only to films released January 1, 2006 onwards

1 (2) Sukob [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P79,160,000
Total Gross: P186,410,000

2 (6) Don't Give Up On Us [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P57,330,000
Total Gross: P129,060,000

3 (8) You Are The One [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P56,820,000
Total Gross: P113,730,000

4 (9) I Will Always Love You [REGAL and GMA]
First Week Gross: P69,580,000
Total Gross: P110,190,000

5 (10) Close To You [ABS-CBN/STAR and UNILEVER]
First Week Gross: P47,120,000
Total Gross: P107,910,000

6 (13) All About Love [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross: P49,610,000
Total Gross: P71,520,000

7 (14) D' Lucky Ones [ABS-CBN/STAR]
First Week Gross:P34,920, 000
Total Gross: P70,180,000

8 (15) Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso (Not Once, But Twice) [IMUS]
First Week Gross: P40,820,000
Total Gross: P69,110,000

9 (16) First Day High [ABS-CBN/STAR and UNILEVER]
First Week Gross: P43,130,000
Total Gross: P66,140,000 (FINAL GROSS???)

10 (17) Moments of Love [GMA]
First Week Gross: P34,610,000
Total Gross: P65,620,000

11 (18) Manay Po [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P35,680,000
Total Gross: P60,350,000

12 (19) Till I Met You [VIVA and GMA]
First Week Gross: P47,870,000
Total Gross: P47,870,000 (STILL SHOWING)

13 (20) Pamahiin [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P30,790,000
Total Gross: P47,110,000

14 (22) White Lady [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P30,860,000
Total Gross: P42,780,000

15 (27) Eternity [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P22,820,000
Total Gross: P33,150,000

16 (28) I Wanna Be Happy [SEIKO]
First Week Gross: P20,560,000
Total Gross: P32,340,000

17 (29) Oh My Ghost! [OCTOARTS]
First Week Gross: P27,020,000
Total Gross: P32,210,000

18 (35) Blue Moon [REGAL]
First Week Gross: P10,230,000
Total Gross: P24,770,000

19 (46) Pacquiao The Movie [ABS-CBN/STAR and FLT]
First Week Gross: P14,060,000
Total Gross: P17,820,000

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