Alvin Alfonso, is he or is he not?

Alvin Alfonso is a familiar face on tv, to date he has appeared in a lot of commercials for PLDT DSL, Colgate, Master Facial Wash, Ponds, and the dangerous for women driver, his billboards' of the Bench b/low ads (if it was not taken down by MMDA yet), among others.

His fave book is..tadaa..The DICTIONARY, in case your wondering who is its author, look up Websters..lol....He loves independent movies and thinks that any film over $40million usually sucks and is heading straight to cinematic wasteland.......TV.

He loves listening to Old school Hip Hop(Tupac, Biggie, Tribe called Quest, Run DMC, E-40, KRS-1, Paris, Special Ed, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND!) Ja Rule, 50, BLINK 182, Black Eyed Peas, Smashing Pumpkins, Julie Plug, Groove Armada, Chicane, "FREAKS OF THE INDUSTRY" & "HIT EM' UP!" (the 2 greatest rap singles), that's in his own words, all culled from apparently his Friendster page. You can check it for yourself if it is real..and who knows you might get lucky and be his friend.

But...what's this i've heard!! "Alvin Alfonso daw(?) is gay, and his boyfriend is Jake Cuenca, according to my cousin who is an executive at ABS-CBN", someone said from a forum. Hmm...

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