Ala Paredes, Jim Paredes Daughter's Blog and About Panky Trinidad of Pinoy Dream Academy

After my post listing Celebrity Blogs where i mentioned Ala Paredes Blog, Ala Paredes being the daughter of APO Hiking Society's Jim Paredes and headmaster of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy, so that rubbed off some celebrity, i got some comments here, to which i did not publish, it being nasty, of why is she in the celebs list.

For me she is a celeb in her own right and is sensible in her postings in her blog. I enjoy reading it.

I got a spike of sort in traffic coming from Google, from people searching for Ala's blog, particularly when Jim Paredes mentioned in PDA of what Ala said about Panky, (whom personally i despise totally(lol)..)....

Excerpts from that particular entry on Ala's blog.

because i'm a fan

I am a Panky Trinidad fan. I've been so since the moment I I first saw her step out onstage during the very first episode of Pinoy Dream Academy, the eliminations night. She caught my eye even before she opened her mouth to sing. How can you not notice her? Unlike the other female contestants who were all skinny, dressed in trendy clothes, had cookie-cutter haircuts, and who fit the female norm for what is 'pleasing' and 'acceptable', Panky was androgynous, larger than life, and sported a mullet. I remember asking my brother (who was watching beside me), "Babae ba iyan or lalaki (Is that a man or a woman)?"

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