Pinoy Idol Finale

Pinoy Idol will be holding their finale next Saturday and Sunday, August 16 (Saturday) will be the Final Performance Night while August 17(Sunday) is D-Day, the announcement of the very first Pinoy Idol. Jayann Bautista, Gretchen Espina, and Ram Chaves are the three challengers to the Pinoy Idol title. Cuties Kid Camaya and Daryl Celis were eliminated tonight. It is the first time that an Idol show will not be a two-way fight but a three way fight for the Idol title.

Announced guest performers of the Pinoy Idol Finale Nights are Itchyworms, Cueshe, South Border, Freestyle, Pupil, Callalily, Luke Mijares, Duncan Ramos, Jay R, Jet Pangan, Vernie Varga, Hajji Alejandro, Basil Valdez, and Regine Velasquez.

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