Pinoy Idol Standouts

Are these Pinoy Idol finalists the standout among the top 24? I know this is just a picture but a picture speaks a thousand words. Why would Pep feature just them except of course of the fact that they will not fit into the frame, so they just featured the Pinoy Idol standouts(?)...

Pinoy Idol finalists

Btw, they are from top, from left, Gretchen Espina, Sue Ellen Cubing and Regene Ong while from left, bottom are: Ram Chaves, Warren Antig and JJ, Jr..

These contestants mentioned are characters actually, with Warren Antig (or is it Warren Astig?lol) being the most dramatic, when in Manila Week (o di ba, alangan namang Hollywood Week) he threatened to quit, leaving the production to wait for him, di ba primadonna na di pa man nag-uumpisa. But in the end after a scolding from the judges he was put through because of his talent.

In the women's side, Sue Ellen Cubing is proving to be the early favorite because of her charming innocence and uniqueness plus of course the pipes, trademark of a Filipino singer, which American Idol except for David Archuleta, proved to be a non-talent show after all.. (bitter, hehe)...

I'm really excited about Pinoy Idol, it's one of the few Philippine TV show i really look forward to watch..

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