KChard, Kinikilig Ka Na Ba?

There really is chemistry between Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. They are a very beautiful pair to look at..And if Pinoy Idol host Raymond Gutierrez, twin brother (sis?) of Richard Gutierrez is to be believed, Richard has a "supercrush" daw with KC..Girl talaga tong si Raymond, lol, does straight guys use that term "supercrush" baka "ubercrush"(joke) pa,lol..

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez

“We were still in high school…ay, grabe na kung kiligin iyang si ‘Chard kay KC,” Raymond said. And then they were introduced personally one day in a soirĂ©e (evening party) of a common friend of KC and Richard.

Raymond further revealed that Richard also would be "kilig' when he sees KC's commercials and billboards. Ibinuking din ni Raymond kung paanong at one time ay halos magkandarapa ang kapatid para madaliin ang paliligo para lang maabutan ang pagkanta ni KC.

“It happened in a beach party where we were all invited. KC was invited to sing. E, that time nasa CR si ‘Chard at naliligo, pero nang marinig niyang kumanta si Kayce, talagang halos tapusin na niya ang pagligo. Kahit may sabon pa ang katawan, tumakbo talaga siya para live niyang mapanood at marinig si Kayce. Pero yun nga, sad to say, hindi niya ito naabutan,” Raymond narrated.

Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion's movie reportedly is to be shot in Greece.

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