Leni Robredo was allegedly fired over Yolanda Housing Anomaly investigation

A UP graduate lawyer revealed that a source told her that Leni Robredo was fired because of her leaking information (to those being investigated I suppose) and her refusal to cooperate with the investigation of the alleged Yolanda housing anomaly. Leni Robredo was the so-called Housing Secretary, being chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

If true, then she should be thankful instead because she was given a graceful exit, being that the reason given, for her alleged firing, as stated on the official statement from MalacaƱang, via the Office of the Communications Secretary, was because of irreconcilable differences:

"A member of the Cabinet enjoys the full trust and confidence of the President for he or she acts as the President's alter ego. Having said this, the President entrusted the Vice President, whom we all know came from a rival political party, a position in his official family in deference to the wishes of our people who want both leaders to work together and succeed.

"As a Cabinet member, the Vice President is expected to be a team player where differences in policies and issues are discussed during Cabinet meetings. The President in turn respects any decision agreed upon by his Cabinet.

"Recent events, however, showed the differences between the President and the Vice President as becoming irreconcilable and public.

"The Vice President has served our people for many years in various capacities and we wish her to continue this unhampered service to the nation to the best of her abilities."

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