Australian Politician Praises Duterte on his War on Drugs

An Australian politician, George Christensen, representing the Liberal National Party of Australia and chair of the Australia-Philippines Parliamentary Network, praised President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. He even said, the western industrialized countries should draw inspiration from Duterte's style.

In a CNN editorial, Christensen essayed in part:

What the Philippines example show is that if we in the West are serious about curbing the blight of drugs, we need to step up the fight.
I don't for one second advocate for armed politicians shooting drug traffickers in the street.
But Duterte's willingness to round the suspects up, to root out corruption, to seek appropriate penalties for drug crimes and to get the community involved in the effort to clean up the country is inspiring.
It is clear that we need strength to tackle our drug problem here in the West.
So instead of the colonial-style sneering at Duterte and the Philippines, perhaps we can learn from them.

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