Allan K Reveals His Boyfriend is a Reality Show Winner

Allan K revealed that his boyfriend of 7 months, a straight guy, is a Filipino-British winner of a reality show on TV. Nang tanungin si Allan kung puwede niyang sabihin ang pangalan ng ka-lovelife niya ngayon, mabilis na sumagot si Allan K: “Hindi! Kasi winner siya of a reality show.”

Allan K is still not sure if his current boyfriend is going to spend his Christmas in the Philippines, where his dad is living, or in the UK where his mom is residing. (In his IG though, the guy said he's spending it in the UK).

He also said he still do not know what is his Christmas gift to his boyfriend, although he gave him an iPhone 7 before. “Hindi ko alam, e. Huli kong iniregalo iPhone 7. Echos lang, echos lang, Hindi ko alam, wala pa akong idea.”

Allan K said their relationship is going on seven months now, and that he also revealed that the Filipino-British guy is straight.

“Mahirap pag straight kasi, e. Hindi mo masabi kung matagal. Pinakamatagal ko bago siya, three and a half  years. Kaya masyado pa maaga para sabihing 'This is it!’.”

Netizens naturally went into a guessing game frenzy. Like this one:

In his IG, Allan K, posted the Edwards brothers then and now pictures, months ago , and a photo above with them.

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