Richard Gomez denies involvement in Drug Trade

Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez issued a statement denying any involvement in the illegal drugs trade. Earlier, Mayor Richard Gomez and his wife, Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez, through their lawyer Atty. Alex Avisado, Jr., denied accusations of Richard and Lucy's involvement in the illegal drugs trade. Richard, Lucy and their only child, Juliana are in London, England for the World Travel Mart.

Here is the official statement of Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez:
Controversy is nothing new to me. As an actor in the world of show business for over 3 decades, I have had to deal with all sorts of controversy and sometimes-bad publicity, but this is the first time that my name has been dragged into an issue involving drugs. I initially did not want to dignify this with an answer but given that this is politically-motivated and very malicious, I am speaking up.
I have been an anti-drug advocate all my life. I spearheaded a massive anti-drug campaign back in the 90's, way before it became a fad, before most everyone wanted to join the bandwagon. I am sorry to disappoint my political opponents but I have never been and I will never be involved in drugs and no one can pin me down on an accusation so baseless and ridiculous it is almost laughable. In fact, I ran on a very strong anti-drug platform, which the constituency resonated with, and which got me elected as Mayor of Ormoc City, a place so infected by drugs for many years. I also openly supported President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the 2016 elections precisely because of his strong and serious stance on drugs. To fight drugs and bring change is the reason I ran, and because the people saw how serious I was about it is the reason I won. Do not drag me into this circus, I was never part of it. I will never be part of it. I urge the legislators to dig deeper into this. Someone is trying to muddle the issue.
I have asked my lawyers to file a case against Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido, a policeman beholden to my political opponents, who has attempted many times to besmirch my name. It is unfortunate that he was assigned to Albuera, Leyte, giving him control over the late Mayor Espinosa, whom he used to malign my character and those of other equally innocent officials.They cannot stop me from pursuing an all out war against illegal drugs.
Mula noon hanggang ngayon kalaban ko ang droga!
And here is a statement made by Atty. Avizado in behalf of the couple, and Lucy Torres' brother, also accused of involvement in the drug trade:

Mayor Richard "Goma" Gomez, Cong. Lucy Torres Gomez and Board Member Matt Torres have always been against drugs. They are advocates of a clean, active and healthy lifestyle. They have not and and will never get involved in drugs. They were resoundingly elected by the people of Ormoc and the 4th District of Leyte based on their solid anti drug campaign. So to those who are desperately trying to destroy their reputation you have been warned! Put up or shut up! We will see you in court!
Atty. Alex Avisado
Counsel for Mayor Richard Gomez
Congw. Lucy Torres Gomez and
Board Member Matt Torres
Pls take note that Mayor Richard Gomez and Congw. Lucy Torres Gomez are now in London representing the Philippines in the World Travel Mart 2016

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