Jaybee Sebastian denies being Intimate in Kubol with De Lima

kubol meme
Jaybee Sebastian denied being intimate in his "Kubol" with De Lima. He, however, did not deny that De Lima stayed for 2 hours inside his kubol but not just with two of them alone but with her Department of Justice (DOJ) family, whatever that means. He also denied the claim of Sen. De Lima that he is a government asset.
Jaybee Sebastian also testified that he personally handed P2 million to De Lima in January 2015, as well as regular "payolas" to her alleged bagman, Joenel Sanchez, from March to May of the same year, totalling 10 million pesos, all coming from the drug trade inside the Bilibid.

He denied knowing Ronnie Dayan, de Lima's alleged driver-lover.

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