Kris Aquino Shares Tokyo Japan Tour with Bimby and Josh

Kris Aquino Tokyo Japan Tour September 12-17, 2016 with sons Josh and Bimby. Her vlog of the trip:
Japan Our Other Happy Place (baka magtampo ang Hawaii😊) ❤️.
My video tour for all of you. ❤️

Because of all our Hawaii visits & stays in Hilton Hokulani & Hilton Hawaiian Village, I'm a Hilton Honors Diamond Member. Upon checking in, we were warmly welcomed by Ari, the hotel manager. He said he googled me & if I wanted the Royal Suite instead of our 2 Club Level Rooms for just a bit more we could be upgraded. I booked during the Hilton Honors flash sale, I computed & said yes to the upsale- so here we are at the awesome Conrad Tokyo. Sharing w/ you the continuation of the tour of our room- #Kilig! ❤️

We got a little lost, I still get a bit confused w/ google maps especially the "head northeast" or any of those type of directions- but my sister Pinky patiently taught me how to enlarge & zoom in so that the dots become clearer to follow & the app is more sensitive in pointing out our exact location... We had a delicious Tuesday in Tokyo & I was able to do more than 15,000 steps. Good night. ❤️

Thank you Kenji & Mayu for attempting to give us a tour of Tokyo Disney Sea. We got on 4 Rides & saw the 2016 Halloween themed Disney Villains' Show... It's just really hard to try to keep up w/ the thousands of Disney obsessed. But this 3rd attempt to tour Disney Sea was still memorable & special! ❤️

I believe we love Japan because of how helpful & polite the people are, and of course because the food is just so consistently delicious. Thank you to our friend Taka for treating us tonight to XEX, part of Y's Table Corporation- they already have Salvatore Cuomo at the Fort. It was a pleasure to meet their CEO Mr. Seizaburo Kanayama & his pretty Filipina wife, Vina. Sharing w/ you our Shabu-shabu & tempura dinner last night, our Italian/Japanese feast tonight plus my favorites- Flying Tiger & Tokyu Hands. ❤️

Narita Bound. Bye Tokyo. ARIGATO GOZAIMASU 🇯🇵

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