LP Vice President said More People at their Miting De Avance than Duterte

 Liberal Party of the Philippines (LP) Vice President for Women, Vicky Garchitorena, just declared on Twitter, citing the Philippine National Police (PNP), that Mar Roxas' Miting de Avance had more people in attendance than Mayor Duterte's miting de avance.

Vicky Garchitorena tweeted:

PNP est Mar-Leni Miting de Avance at QC Memorial150,000, Duterte at Luneta 140,000, Poe at Plaza Miranda 12,000, Binay at Makati 10,000.

Perfect example of how the majority of Filipinos have gotten so mad at these delusional "Yellow" blind followers and the equally over eager "nagpapa-lakas" law enforcers. 

Remember how some PNP generals were seen meeting with LP in Araneta-Roxas-owned Novotel Hotel in Araneta Center Cubao?

Here are the actual aerial shots of Duterte's miting de avance's held nationwide:

An estimated 1.2 million to 1.5 million people attended the Luneta grand rally, taken by reputable online news agency Rappler:

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