Usher Raymond Scandal

International singing superstar Usher Raymond or simply Usher shared on Snapchat, a Snap story tour of his home, sharing photos from his bedroom and kitchen — fully clothed BTW — and then Usher eventually ended up in his own personal steam room. Usher then started to take off his clothes on camera!
A steam room is certainly no place for clothing, so Usher totally stripped and still posted photos of him in the steam room.

Usher is certainly aware though that although Snapchat pictures or videos self-destruct in a few seconds, if a famous celebrity posts a controversial or racy picture or video, they are quite often saved by way of a screenshot, so he attempted to cover his junk with some text and a goofy emoji.

But Usher didn't exactly do the best job hiding his package, since you could still see the tip and a good part of it.

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