The Humble Life of Rodrigo Duterte

After pulling away from his rivals in the 2016 Presidential elections, based on two survey firms Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has seen a spike in black propaganda against him.

This prompted his running-mate Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano to dub the week leading to the May 9 elections as "Inventor's Week" because they predict a slew of invented stories against them by their rivals.

This after Duterte came unscathed and still continued to top the surveys after being battered by interest groups and the mainstream media with his rape 'joke,' now his opponents raised the bar with the BPI account issue.

A leftist investigative body, (which BTW tells us something despite the black propaganda too on the Joma Sison and Duterte connection) proved the so-called Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) account on Julia Vargas branch, by depositing 500 pesos to an account of a certain Rodrigo Duterte or Rodrigo Duterte and Sara Duterte.

Remember the RCBC-Central Bank of Bangladesh issue? RCBC branch manager Deguito created an account for William Go, and William Go, sued Maia Deguito for it. (Just research the details, it's all over the news).

Catch the drift, our banking system is not fool-proof! Notwithstanding the Bank Secrecy Law and AMLA. If there's one thing, those who violated the law on bank secrecy, should be the one who should be prosecuted, if we are truly a "decent" and govern of laws country.

Fact of the matter is, Rodrigo Duterte lives in a simple home and bedroom.
His presidential rival, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago attests to it. Even Teddy Locsin, a talent of Pro-Mar ABS-CBN testifies to it.
His accuser, Sen. Trillanes has visited him too:

Check out more photos of Duterte's humble home in Davao.

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