Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Spotted Out on a Real Date in Sofitel

Aldub out and MaiChard in?! Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were spotted out on a Real Date (!) in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel's elegant bistro "Le Bar."

Saw them in Le Bar. I was with my Afam boyfriend. Ang sweet nila the whole time. Yes, I kind of stalked them. There was this one instance when Alden flexed his biceps. I think Alden was also trying to make Maine sniff his armpits. Ugh! Inggit ako sayo, girl! Lol! If my memory serves me right I think they had steak and a sparkling wine. Then I stopped stalking na when they were eating kahiya din.
A doctor also attested to this while she was billeted in the hotel for a Philippine Physicians convention:
And insiders confirmed the date: (Note: "Lites21" is alleged to be Alden's manager Carlites de Guzman)

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