Manny Pacquiao has an Alleged Mistress in Loyola Grand, Doctor Reveals

Manny Pacquiao's campaign car in front of his mistress' house, Dr. Lorraine Badoy said. Dr. Badoy posted on her Facebook a photo of Manny Pacquiao's alleged campaign car infront of the mansion of her mistress in the posh Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City.

Several prominent Philippine politicians and celebrities reside here such as Claudine Barretto, etc.

Dr. Lorraine Marie Badoy, was a Special Awardee of the 2012 Goodyear Bayani Ng Kalsada awards by playing her part in trying to save the life of a person suffering from a heart attack while on the road. Dr. Badoy posted about the alleged Manny Pacquiao mistress:

Guess what I saw when I went on a run this morning in my village? Manny Pacquiao's campaign car in front of his mistress' house. (Jinkee, sa may bandang Soliven 3 corner Finland st. Yung mansion doon. Go, girl.) Well, well, well...well, WELL. (...wellllllll) Mymymy. Sharona. Dun-dun-DAT-dun-DAT.
It really is common knowledge who lives in that house on Soliven corner Finland: Manny pakyaw's mistress. And until he opened his big mouth and made his filthy, noxious, ignorant, unenlightened, hateful views known, I didn't give a rat's ass about his private life. What do I care about this stupid ignorant's life.
But throw it out there in the public arena and you're on, buster. You've invited us to scrutinize your life and hold it up to the light and kinda go, "Hmmmmmmm..but..but. but..didn't he say he was so against same sex marriage, going as far as saying gays ought to be put to death? (Oh, Christian love. Parang tiny bubbles lang--- makes me warm all over. Lalo yung mga humahallelujah at pine-praise pa sha. Tsk. That's Christian love for you.)
"Masahol pa sa hayop." 2 human beings loving each other, hurting no one, is masahol pa sa hayop. The subtext being, Manny Pacquiao has such impeccably high standards when it comes to marriage. Manny worships at the altar of marriage. Thinks marriage vows are inviolate.
And yet not even a week after letting loose his obscene, ignorant, hateful pronouncements that made so many of us hurt so bad (at least the compassionate, enlightened, intelligent half of humanity. The rest of his ignorant, uneducated, hateful, barefoot brethren sang him praises, as expected), here is Manny making a mockery of the very same vows he claims to hold in such high standards.
That's the kind of human being this village idiot is. A most execrable hypocrite. And at the very least, a dimwit. So ano--bobotohin mo pa to? I hear his Christian brethren are banding together and have promised to vote for the village idiot, Manny Pacquiao. Well it was the great Dr Jose Rizal who said, "Tal gobierno, tal pais." (Like government, like country). So really does it surprise you to know that BIGGER idiots will vote for this monumental, beyond-the-pale idiot?

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