Mar Roxas: "No money involved in 'KathNiel' endorsement"

Mar Roxas in an interview on ANC's Beyond Politics with Lynda Jumilla, clarified that no money is involved with 'KathNiel' endorsing him for the 2016 elections. Isang malaking char! lol.

 Mar Roxas, in a straight face, categorically and indirectly denied the rumors that large sums of money changed hands for the endorsement. He said Kathniel's Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo endorsed him out of their desire to set the record straight over the typhoon "Yolanda" issues hurled against the administration. (Char! lol).

Lynda: “KathNiel love team endorsing you. Is this going to be something we will see in the course of your campaign? Celebrity endorsement. Are these paid endorsements?"

 Mar Roxas: “No, not at all. I thank them very much na they… Daniel in particular, ‘no. He's from Tacloban, e. And they knew the story of what happened during Yolanda. And nung umuwi sila don nung bakasyon, parang nadinig nila yung istorya. And sabi nila, ‘Parang hindi ito totoo,’ the political na paninira.

And so, nag-usap kami. And nagpapasalamat talaga ako and I’m very, very thankful that, you know, two young people, their mom Karla, of course, na parang tumayo sila. They could've taken a safe space and just stayed away, deadma, ganun. Nagpapasalamat talaga ako that they said, 'Hindi, hindi tama ito.'So, I'm grateful to them.

 No, there was no financial arrangement whatsoever."

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