Kathryn, Nadine, Liza and Julia B covers BJ Pascual Book

Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto are on the cover of BJ Pascual's book, "Push: Muses, Mischief, & How to Make it in Manila." 

The Kapamilya leading ladies are featured in every cover, yes, there are four covers. There is a billing order according to the author, Book cover number 1 covers Kathryn Bernardo, 2 is Liza Soberano, 3 is Julia Barretto and 4th is Nadine Lustre.

Photographer BJ Pascual's first book PUSH: MUSES, MISCHIEF, & HOW TO MAKE IT IN MANILA features 24 new shoots, 14 of Manila's hottest celebrities, and a compilation of some of his best work. The book looks back on the photographer's highs and lows, rounds up his heroes and muses, and tells the story of the 27-year-old who's taken fashion by storm. The book is released by Summit Books, the book is the first project under Madeofbricksph, the imprint of editor and writer Raymond Dangas.

"Push: Muses, Mischief & How to Make it in Manila" is now available in all leading book stores and is priced at 395 pesos.

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