JM de Guzman Admits being on Rehab

JM de Guzman asked his father on his Instagram account: 'Hey dad, are you going to send me to rehab again? Some things are just None of my Business. Hey balls.. I'll hold on to you very tight Bullies become bullied. Its time.'
Then, in a series of bizarre posts, he revealed that he was or is in a 17 months rehab, with six months running from the program:

I'm a half naked hairless man with a hair blower.
Used to be a simple easy going guy*
The wild world was exposed at an early age. Drugs, sex and rockenroll. Went hardcore. But it never crossed my mind to hurt somebody. Only wanted in my little ways and effort help this industry society country world a better place. Coz that's why addicts use. They constantly find a little taste of heaven here on earth. 
17months in rehab . 6 months I've been running the program. Hear our story* respect our journey. We can be also a big help in our society if you just let us and free us from the the undeniable stigma that literally chokes us every day.. Iam an alchemist. Myself as the test subject. Nearing into a conclusion. Some us risks our lives to answer some questions that might be a big help in the future. Hopefully thd kids path are cleared if we are supported not discriminated* thanks.We don't promote drugs. We are the drugs. Peace

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