JaDine, Anne Curtis, Andi Eigenmann, Georgina Wilson etc volt in against Fashion Pulis

Several celebrities expressed their support for Liz Uy's filing of six counts of Libel with Slander against Fashion Pulis' Mike Sy Lim.

Celebrities who almost always features prominently on Fashion Pulis like Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Anne Curtis, Andi Eigenmann, Georgina Wilson, Rayver Cruz, Diego Loyzaga, Dani Barretto, Sam Milby, Angel Locsin, Alex Gonzaga, Coleen Garcia, Isabelle Daza, Iya Villania, Bela Padilla, Divine Lee, Mark Nicdao, Margaux Medina, among others, volted in in support of Liz Uy and the Stop the Hate campaign by posting their take on the issue and the photo of the Stop the Hate in their social media accounts.

Anne Curtis said: "In this time and age where everyone is so passionate about "freedom of speech" people seem to have forgotten the difference between freedom of speech and cyber bullying. I stand with @lizzzuy as she makes a statement #StopTheHate" Nadine Lustre: "Lets all be responsible. No nega! ️ #StopTheHate"

James Reid: "Support fair and responsible journalism. Remember there are people who profit from your negativity and harmful rumors... and that's just messed up so... #StopTheHate #NoOneLovesAHater lol"

Andi Eigenmann: "Yes. We should never let anybody's hate, drama, and negativity stop us from being the best person we can be. But won't the world become a much better place if we just didnt have any of them at all? Ive been a victim of cyberbullying one too many times. I never bothered, because I know myself better, and the people that love me too. But it doesnt make this OK. Only love stops hate. Lets change our world. #STOPTHEHATE #RESPONSIBLEJOURNALISM we are all on your side on this @lizzzuy"

Georgina Wilson: "Today I am proud of one of my best friends @lizzzuy for standing up for an issue that has gone ignored for far too long. As public figures we know that criticism comes with the job but that doesnt give anyone the right to constantly cyber bully and post hate perpetuating false stories. I have personally been victimized by this blog's malicious reporting and bashing as I'm sure many others have and it is time that we all take a stance and bring awareness to this unethical and negligent reporting. Be responsible with what you post and what you support online. #stopthehate NOW."

Isabelle Daza (witness to the Slander case against FP): "To support @lizzzuy I will stand by her as I have witnessed these rumors being spread with my very own eyes and ears. Doing "your job" by trying to bring down someone else's reputation is just wrong! Let's #StopTheHate."

Iya Villania-Arellano: "All the way! There is nothing cool about bringing people down and bringing out the worst in others 🏽 The people leaving nasty comments are just as horrible as the person starting the gossip. Glad some finally have the guts! Props to you @lizzzuy! 🏼#StopTheHate #GetTheFactsStraight"

Bela Padilla: "For me, freedom of speech should be given to people who are responsible enough to decide that what they write or say will help people's lives for the better. But if your purpose is to belittle someone or to call someone out in a humiliating way for your entertainment or for more "likes" and "views" then maybe you don't deserve the "freedom" you're fighting for. Your site has been a breeding ground for negativity for way too long, it's time to clean up your act. Go, Liz! #StopTheHate"

Sam Milby: "There should always be mutual respect since we all work in the same business #responsiblejournalism #stopthehate"

Coleen Garcia: "There is a fine line between honest journalism and deceptive manipulation. I know of many dignified journalists who work endless hours in their undying attempts to uphold the truth, as it is their responsibility to deliver it to the public. Twisting facts, or inventing false accusations altogether, is not the mark of a true journalist. What have we learned from the Filipinos in the past—who shed blood and tears and fought hard for their right to be heard—if we continue to use that acquired freedom in ways that hurt and dishonor other people? Social responsibility comes in when you use your status in society for the benefit and the greater good of those around you, as opposed to abusing your power and using your resources to purposely bring others down. All of us, regardless of who we are and what we do, need to start practicing respect once again.. #stoptheHATE and stop glorifying anything that was made to bring other people down. I know we all aren't clean. We are all both victims and bullies in our own ways, which is why this needs to start with ourselves. Say #NOtocyberbullying!"

Angel Locsin: "#StopTheHate"

Vice Ganda: "#StopTheHate"

Julia Barretto: "Behind you all the way @lizzzuy. #StopTheHate"

Bianca Gonzalez Intal: "Criticism is great, but its different from blatantly maligning people. Yes, nakakatuwa talagang maki-chismis, pero iba yung sisiraan na ang pagkatao ng iba. I support you, @lizzzuy! #StopTheHate #notobullying #responsiblejournalism"

Solenn Heussaff (retweeted by Jing Monis): "In support of @lizzzuy's fight against online irresponsibility, and to those who have been victimized by cyberbullying, I encourage all of you to spread positivity and #StopTheHate. Boycott sites and individuals who's only intent and purpose is to bring others down by spreading malicious and made-up stories. #StopTheHate"

Ellen Adarna: "Go @lizzzuy !!! #support #stopthehate #finally"

KC Concepcion: "#Appreciate. 🤓 I support & uphold fair x responsible journalism. I support responsible online behavior from netizens. K thanks bye"

Luis Manzano: "This is for all those haters who can only find strength behind anonymity. For sure, their parents made them feel so inferior and such failures growing up that they can't even stand for their own "opinion". Dapat i-nailcutter ang utong talaga at patakan ng calamansi yung sugat."

Dominique Cojuangco: "I was brought up by parents who have shown me nothing but love. So this is how I try to approach things... Even when negativity is thrown my way. I find that I can never reduce myself to trying to push someone down to make myself feel better even on my most upset of days. A person's character isn't defined by what you say about them. You have my complete support, @lizzzuy!Let's #StopTheHate"

Mark Nicdao: "I remember when I was 16 on traffic going To school I would always See This sign by the Rotary Club of MANILA.. Its called the four way test.. IM Sure Youre all familiar. And It had me thinking Why I See It all over..I realised that It Is For us To remember even subconciously How Is It To live amongst human beings and To uphold good relationships and freedom of expression..before we decide on doing something thats drastic and big..always ask yourself.. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? If the answer Is Yes. Youre on the right track. Otherwise It could be the other. #stopthehate #justingeneral #howtoliveinpeace #GoLiz"

Raymond Gutierrez: "Supporting @lizzzuy all the way in her fight against cyber-bullying and online responsibility! Don't put others down to bring yourself up. Let's do this! Team Liz! #StopTheHate"

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: "Let's be responsible for the eyes and minds we influence with what we post. I encourage for everyone to be more constructive if criticism needs to be given, we do have freedom of speech but to degrade and invoke hate or simple dislike... I believe that's pretty much bullying. I've always been against that - physical, verbal, cyber. It's all the same. You never know how much damage it can do to a person's mental health and what they could do with how they feel. I've experienced all types of bullying and they have all affected me in ways I wouldn't know how to begin to express. I feel you @lizzzuy Please, let's focus on more positive and important issues instead ️ let's make the cyber space a healthier and happier one!! #StopTheHate"

Janella Salvador: "I believe in freedom of speech but with it comes responsibility and maturity. If you've got opinions and you know they will affect others in a negative manner, then you have no valid reason to be sharing it with others. We are all human and we all have flaws and we don't necessarily have to dwell on them. Sharing your negative opinions, knowing you have power over people = brainwashing and encouraging those who read it to think the same way you do. Does that sound mature? I don't think so. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. After all, hatred is a curved blade- and the harm we do is done unto ourselves. #StopTheHate"

Margaux Medina: "I myself was once a victim of cyber bullying and I support this cause. #stopthehate"

Bubbles Paraiso: "Let's just spread and encourage positivity, goodness & love in everything we think, say & do. #StopTheHate"

Meanwhile, Fashion Pulis' Mike Lim said: "Ang laban ni Fashion PULIS ay laban ng lahat nang naniniwala sa malayang pamamahayag at pananalita."

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