AlDub TV Commercials not shown in Full on ABS-CBN

AlDub TV commercials (TVC) are not shown in full in ABS-CBN. Many have attested to this and I myself have seen just awhile ago how Aldub's "Paniwalaan Mo" McDo TVC was edited and only Alden Richards' part was shown.

The explanation to this is that ABS-CBN reportedly issued a memo to all its advertisers last November 3. Note though that the showing of edited Aldub TVC's have been going on prior to the issuance of the memo.

The memo stated that the network has the right to decline a TVC that features its competitors. The memo, dated November 3, and addressed to the Media Suppliers Association of the Philippines (MSAP), Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), and Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines (4A’s), reminded the advertising groups of the network’s “Broadcast Traffic Operations Guidelines” dated May 2008.

The guidelines stated that the “Management reserves the right to decline acceptance of Commercial Materials that contains, cites, and/or illustrates” a number of factors, including commercial materials that contain, cite or illustrate “other TV station or program either directly or indirectly (e.g. character/role portrayal, segment/portion illustration, direct mention of the program title, use of program theme song or songs associated with the program, etc.).”

 “In consideration of the said policies, ABS-CBN has the right to refuse to air or facilitate the advertisement of products and services, or the use of advertising scripts, which the network/station has good reason to believe, would be competing and/or conflicting with ABS-CBN’s own programs and/or products. This is in keeping with basic and fundamental concepts of fairness and is rooted in the protection of our own brand and the avoidance of unfair competition.” 

“ABS-CBN is not restricting advertisers from engaging talents associated with, or directly connected, with our competitors,” but should advertisers choose to hire “talents from competing networks in their advertising materials,” the advertising materials “should not contain images where said talents/endorsers appear as characters from any program, which directly competes with any program of ABS-CBN” and should not “display or exposition of any component, segment or any element which directly relates to the theme and tone of competing programs.” All advertising materials relating to this are subject to “evaluation and approval/clearance.”

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