Kris Aquino said she will Quit Instagram then posted hours Later

Kris Aquino said she will quit or take a break from Instagram but then hours later she posted again in her Instagram account. As in, sabi niya pahinga daw muna sya sa Instagram.

Then, wala pang 24 hours, nag post na uli sya. Lol. She posted a photo of her children Bimby and Josh with her brother, President Noynoy Aquino, with a caption:
I was home & I'm pretty sure my sisters told our only brother to text me to get out of bed & join them for family bonding... I focused on what wasn't going right when I should really celebrate all I have, namely sons who love me & a brother I can always count on... #YouMakeMeHappyWhenSkiesAreGrey #Positivity #FAMILY
All these drama was brought about by Kris Aquino quitting her supposed MMFF movie with Mayor Herbert Bautista. Reacting to a philstar.com article she posted and in the absence of a showbiz talk show outlet, Kris Aquino let it all out on her IG, she posted:
I've tried my very best to steer clear of politics because I don't want to be branded as a meddling sister... This was brought to my attention & I need to speak up since I was mentioned. 1. Mayor Bautista last December had asked to be included in the Liberal Party Senate Slate. 2. To directly quote PNoy "He isn't turning down the offer. He asked to be included in the slate." Obviously he had a change of heart. 3. Wala po akong influence in HB's decision making. I NEVER ASKED HIM TO SEEK A 3RD TERM AS QUEZON CITY MAYOR. I have no influence on him & he has never given value to my feelings nor my thoughts. 4. It is because of our TUMULTUOUS RELATIONS that I was stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds me... I was so apprehensive about shooting MMFF w/ him that I posted my misguided feelings of hurt & directed them towards Star Cinema. And because of my impulsive move I put in jeopardy what has been almost 20 years of a solid working relationship with ABS CBN. 5. My sisters & brother in law were ready to accompany me Thursday night to mend fences w/ Star Cinema, but late afternoon I was told the meeting was cancelled & there was no longer any need to talk. My family understood that it was unresolved personal issues w/ the chosen leading man that made me so indecisive & we as a family were ready to apologize, talk & hopefully work things out- sadly the door was closed. 6. This is a very painful lesson for me, and I don't ask for pity- I am just explaining because a man I was so briefly involved with caused conflict by his statement between my brother, my brother's team, and me. 7. In the past, I'd run away- travel abroad & let things cool down. I've learned. I apologized to Noy profusely because I love him, and even when there's nothing left- I know I will still have the love of my siblings. I humbly accept that the wrong choice of my heart has put into peril my work- but I am to blame for this. Hindi ko pinasa sa iba yung desisyon na ako naman mismo ang gumawa. 8. You know me by now- kaya kong tanggapin lahat ng bira, wag lang ma involve ang mga kapatid o mga anak ko. Pasensya na po sa haba nito, kinailangan ko lang iklaro ang lahat. #FAMILY
Days ago, Kris Aquino also scored ex-husband James Yap for not being there for their son, Bimby.

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