Judy Ann Santos Headstand while Pregnant Controversy

Judy Ann Santos posted a photo of herself in a headstand position while being very much pregnant. Judy Ann Santos fans then expressed their concern with her headstand position. Judy Ann Santos is currently pregnant with her second child with Ryan Agoncillo.

Kaya pa..  🏼🏼 #get360fit#pregnantandstrong #naks  Judy Ann posted.
Judy Ann Santos explained that it is perfectly okay for a pregnant woman to do a headstand and there is nothing to be worried about:
”Para po sa mga nag tatanong at nag aalala.. Hindi bago sa buntis ang pag heheadstand. it is totally safe most specially kung suhi ang baby. The pose alone allows the baby to move to its proper position. But of course when doing headstands you must be supervised by professionals. :) hindi ko po sya ginawang mag isa, don’t worry.. :)but thanks for the concern.. Nakakataba ng puso. :) #pregnantandstrong”

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