Boy Dies Because of Paolo Ballesteros?

A boy died while allegedly doing the risky dance routine of Paolo Ballesteros?

Jojo, a grade 5 student from Bulacan reportedly imitated his idol Paolo Ballesteros' "buwis buhay" performance in the grand finals of Eat Bulaga Pa More, which allegedly caused his death.

 Paolo Ballesteros performance involved being hanged from a rope wrapped around his head and or neck. Jojo reportedly loved so much that performance of Paolo Ballesteros that he would be seen wrapped in a blanket at home while imitating his idol's risky dance routines.
Last Saturday, Jojo was left alone at their home while his entire family left their home to watch ALDUB: Sa Tamang Panahon at their neighbor’s house.

When the family returned home from watching the historic Aldub EB show which was highly anticipated by everyone and made world record history on Twitter with 41 million+ tweets and becoming the highest rated TV show on Philippine TV, they were shocked to see Jojo’s lifeless body slumped on the floor and still wrapped in the blanket.

The police ruled out suicide as the knot was too loose. The mortician speculated that the boy could have fatally hit his head on the floor, as his nape was swelling, the result of a bad fall. His family also speculated that Jojo could have attempted Paolo Ballesteros' risky Bulaga Pa More dance routine but fell tragically on the floor.

The only question now left if the above story is to be believed is how a supposed avid fan of Paolo Ballesteros could have missed and not watch ALDUB: Sa Tamang Panahon?

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