Worst Dressed Celebs at the Star Magic Ball 2015

These are my picks for the Worst Dressed Celebs at the Star Magic Ball 2015. It is not a question of how beautiful or elegant an actress or actor is, it is how they carried their respective outfits and how the outfit defined them in this particular event. To the fans, pasintabi po but as a fan, you will never be objective. All you will see is that your idol is always the best and so be it. It is merely my opinion and what is beautiful to others could be ugly to others. So cheer up, it's not the end of the world, there is always a next time.

Kathryn Bernardo - was actually declared as winner of the Best Dressed Couple with KathNiel loveteam Daniel Padilla this year. While she is not the worst of the worst, to me, she disappointed in this gown. She sported a "ninang" aura while her partner Daniel Padilla I would put in the Best Dressed List.
Maja Salvador - she looked "fuller" and her make-up disappoints. A far cry from when she was declared as Star Magic Ball 2013's Best Dressed Female.
Bea Alonzo - very simple gown and the black ribbon is a distraction while trying to pass off as an avant garde outfit.
Vina Morales - reminds me of Spiderman
Ellen Adarna - of course the worst dressed in the event. As a star of a hit soap, she did not even bother to dress up, and then tried to play coy at the event hoping it will pass off as cool. Thumbs down!
Kim Jones - gown reminds me of a tooth! She tried to pass it off as an avant garde out-take by going modelesque, to some eFfect, but did not save the day! I could not put my finger into it but I really think she wore this outfit before in another event.
Julia Barretto - a big let down from last year's despite wearing an expensive foreign label. One of the most anticipated young actresses in the ball by fashion afficianados ended up being one of the biggest disappointment this year.
Alex Gonzaga - she is a comedienne so she tried to be playful with her ensemble alright but Melai Cantiveros and other comediennes tried to dress up to passing marks. Alex Gonzaga failed big time in this Rajo Laurel piece.
Sam Concepcion - oversized top and pants. While most of the guys looked dapper in their suits save for those who wore rubber shoes, Sam Concepcion disappoints in this all over the place get-up.

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