Tommy Esguerra Sexy Pictures

TOMMY ESGUERRA is dubbed as the "Pretty Boy Ng Las Piñas." Yes, Tommy Esguerra belatedly joined Pinoy Big Brother as a replacement for three evicted PBB housemates. Many jumped for joy when Tommy Esguerra entered the PBB house, as they find him cute and sexy. Tommy Esguerra has an unconventional looks reminiscent of K-Pop and J-Pop stars whose guys look like a girl (Androgynous face), long hair and skinny built et al.
Tommy Esguerra, 21 years old and 6'1 in height, is Filipino-American from Long Beach, California. He has been trying to break into Philippine Showbiz since 2013, starting with Myx Music Channel's reality show, Starcamp, which led to his modeling career in the Philippines, notably as a SM Youth Ambassador. It finally paid off. He is now in PBB.

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