Oyo Boy Sotto altercation with a Congressman

Oyo Boy Sotto posted 2 days ago an incident in front of Acacia Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City:
You are one rude Representative/Congressman!! We were crossing the street with my children in front of Acacia Hotel and you didn't want to let us pass! Parang inip na inip ka, gusto mo pa akong banggain just because i stopped and was waiting for my children to cross. That's why most of the people do not respect or obey the law it's because of people like you, who is not being a good leader! Bastos ka talaga. Oo nga pala maraming nakakita.
Oyo Boy Sotto then made a follow up post yesterday by posting a photo of the car, a Mercedes Benz, being driven by its driver. Oyo Boy Sotto is certain that there was a husband and a wife inside. with the driver being the husband, when it almost hit him.
To the one who sent me this picture, thank you. This was the car who we got into trouble with yesterday. Apparently the driver was the one driving this car when this picture was taken today. But we are certain that yesterday it was the owner driving the car with his wife seated in the passenger seat all dressed up.
In the comments section, Oyo Boy Sotto named the wife as Ma. Victoria. One of his followers identified a Bulacan Governor and Congresswoman. He/she also recounted an eyewitness report of the incident:
Repost from an eyewitness : "8 front plate and 8 back plate"....saw it happened yesterday...oyo with kids and kristine was crossing the street and the front bumper of the car was just few inches away from the sotto family but the 8 benz was still trying to move forward like he's trying to hit oyo that's why oyo and the husband of kristine's sister yelled on the driver of that car.
Oyo Boy Sotto confirmed also who were in the car:
Oyo Boy Sotto is also well-connected. He is a nephew of Sen. Tito Sotto and is married to erstwhile superstar actress Kristine Hermosa. They have three children, Kiel (adopted, and if rumors are to be believed, the Gov. will be in very big trouble if something happened to this child!), Ondrea Bliss and Kaleb Hanns. His parents are Philippine entertainment icons Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie.

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