James Reid tells JaDine Fans to stop their Fantasies

James Reid confirmed that his loveteam with Nadine Lustre is just that, a loveteam and will never be for real. To put it more clearly, James Reid just made it clear that he and Nadine Lustre are just friends and will never be an item, period. In his latest post on Instagram, James Reid said:
I don't expect you to understand me. I get that you all want me to just live your fantasy.. But sorry, this is my life. Also stop talking on Nadine's behalf you don't know what she thinks or feels.
It all stemmed from James Reid latest public provocative sightings with starlet Debbie Garcia. Again, James Reid may have missed the point of what I wrote before. Contrary to his post above, majority of JaDine fans are well aware that their loveteam is just for reel and will not be for real. Nadine Lustre is educated and a homebody, different from his being a party animal. In short, in the real world, they will never be compatible. JaDine fans are not living in their fantasies,LOL, either. They just want you to tone down your partying ways or if not, to be discreet about it. There are so many ways to be discreet and still enjoy your so-called life.

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