Foreigners Curious about Aldub

The Aldub fever has reached the ears and attention of non-Filipino foreigners because of the phenomenal number of tweets which now stands at more than 12 million for just yesterday's #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, a world record number of tweets. The Aldub hashtags have reached tens of millions of tweets in total and in most countries where there is a large Filipino population. It has been topping the worldwide trends in Twitter and probably other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Many foreigners who have no idea what is Aldub, curious why it has been trending on top for so long, has been asking, "What the hell is Aldub?" in such forceful and intense manner. One Twitter user Avery puts it into perspective with: "#aldub is always trending worldwide and I'm not just talking about 100k tweets, I'm talking about millions. What is it btw." Many may have discovered who Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's "Aldub" by now and could have been hooked with it too if only it is not largely in Filipino languange.

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